About The Women on Boards Network.

The Women on Boards Network is an initiative aimed at promoting and encouraging women into Board leadership. The Network provides a platform that will bring together women from diverse fields and ranks; facilitate those already sitting on Boards to effectively carry out their roles and responsibilities, and up skill and prepare for the boardroom those women who are already in senior leadership roles, but are not yet sitting on any boards

The initiative is all about ensuring that the next generation of board members is more diverse and better balanced from a gender perspective. We aim at putting the talents of women to work to improve the effectiveness of corporate boards now and in the future.

This is in recognition that the number of women sitting on Boards is still very low, not just in Kenya but across the world. The initiative therefore aims at encouraging and accelerating diversity on Boards by ensuring that there is a pool of Board ready women, and that those women already sitting on boards have an avenue for networking and sharing experiences with a view to becoming better directors.

The Network is therefore targeting women from the following four categories‚

  • Women at the top management level whose next natural step is to be a Board Member - Mentoring and training.
  • Women currently serving as Board Members - Development and sharpening of their skills as well as help them better appreciate Corporate Governance, to mentor the next generation women leaders.
  • Women newly appointed as Board Members -Training and preparing them for the task ahead, and for them to understand and appreciate their personal attributes and biases, which may hinder them from becoming effective Board members.
  • Women whose terms on boards have expired - To keep abreast with developments in Corporate Governance so as to remain Board ready, to mentor and encourage the next generation of corporate women leaders

The initiative will therefore bring together women currently serving on Boards, those newly appointed and those aspiring to take up Board positions. This way, we will have provided a networking platform for the women to share experiences, mentor aspiring women and to support each other to effectively perform their roles as Board members.


To encourage and accelerate diversity on Boards by ensuring that there is a pool of Board ready women, and to provide a networking platform for sharing experiences,mentoring, coaching and training


To promote gender balance on Boards by nurturing, inspiring and developing women leaders.