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Creating a Personal Support System

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Guest Speaker: Ms. Marion Gathoga-Mwangi

Managing Director – BOC Gases

18th June 2020

Article written by Carol Chen,

 How do we successfully balance our complex modern lives? How do we seek advice and build sustainable relationships in all the areas that matter to us? 

Creating a personal support system is key to achieve a balance.

On 18th June 2020, the Women on Boards Network hosted Ms. Marion Gathoga-Mwangi, Managing Director BOC Group, as a guest speaker during a webinar. Ms. Mwangi has more than 20 years of successful leadership experience in commercial management. During the webinar, she shared her insights on building a personal support system. 

Highlights of the talk included the necessity of finding 9 to 10 mentors to act as a personal board of advisers to help one navigate all fields of their lives, such as in health, family, life-planning, work, and reinvention and development. The importance of not only accepting help but proactively asking for help. Because despite how strong one is, vulnerability is a sign of authenticity and strength.  Furthermore, one way for one to overcome fears is by asking for help, and gave practical strategies on where and when we can identify our mentors. Lastly, Ms.Mwangi encouraged the ladies to stay open-minded and generous in their  search for mentors — “you reap the good qualities that you sow”, she quipped. 

To access the whole talk, click to watch the webinar recording here:

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