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Life Skills That Will Shape Your Present and Future

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Article by Selena Tan,

In the fifth webinar series of The Junior Membership Program, the Women on Boards Network continues its efforts to offer career guidance as well as support for personal development to the next generation of humanity: today’s youth.

WOBN is proud to welcome speaker Job Njiru, the Founding Director of the Institute of Customer Experience (ICX) Kenya and Director of Customer Experience at KCB Bank.

Njiru has a broad career background in telecoms, banking, and business. Despite being an honored recipient of many accolades and a member on multiple high-profile boards, Njiru showcases his passion for developing today’s youth and guiding the next generation of business leaders by readily engaging with this session’s young audience.

Njiru showcases a firm understanding of present-day sources of criticism and discouragement: social media. Social media can distract the youth from their dreams and passions, generate false promises and expectations, and initiate an unwelcomed wave of negative feedback and peer pressure.

Njiru poses thought-provoking questions to remind young people of
their potential to stay grounded, and he proceeds to share his nine time-tested life skills:
 self-evaluation and self-knowledge
 self-management
 organization
 learning
 digital
 healthy living
 communication
 relationship
 morality and spirituality
Njiru details how he continues to incorporate them daily—even after he landed his dream job—and how they never fail to yield fruitful results. He reminisces about his times of trial-and-error, which were abound during his pursuits for new hobbies and greater heights in his career.

He explores how these life principles have guided him through internal and external sources of challenges and uncertainty and through opportunities to learn, grow himself and his organization, and earn respect from his business partners, colleagues, and competitors. Despite the volatility of
the present-day, these values have enabled Njiru to remain focused, motivated, and positive.

Njiru readily interacts with audience by resolving their concerns, including time management; balancing multiple passions; compromising between the one’s passions and the expectations of one’s parents; staying focused in spite of constant, riveting news and social media updates; becoming a leader of one’s co-workers in the workplace and of oneself at home;
and more.

His advice will ready his audience for life-long progress in their unpredictable, yet promising, futures in academia, work, and beyond. Njiru reminds his young audience that while it may be difficult for one to be taken seriously today, over time, one’s persistent efforts will reveal positive, life-changing results as well as trust, loyalty, and respect from others.
To learn more about Njiru’s journey to success and his promising outlook on life, click on the
YouTube links below to watch the webinar recordings.
Age Bracket: 13 -19 years old
Age Bracket: 20 – 25 years old

Topic: Junior Membership Program—Life Skills That Will Shape Your Present and Future
Speaker: Job Njiru
Moderator: Eunice Wanza

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