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Lockdown! How to bring your best self to a difficult situation & How to Grow and Manage your Wealth during the COVID-19 Crisis

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15th May 2020

Article written by Selena Tan.

During the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, WOBN has made efforts to provide its members with self-coping strategies as well as advice and resources for self-development to emerge from the crisis stronger than before. As Anne W. Gaitha states during her webinar, “Opportunities are found during the time of crisis.”

In the second edition of the Junior Membership Program Webinar Series, speaker Brenda Bowman—a long-time member of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and a devoted researcher of effective and inclusive leadership and experiential and transformational learning
and program design—explores how young people can navigate the challenges of living under lockdown—particularly those that arise from the mental, physical, and emotional stress of quarantining at home with family. With no end of the crisis in sight, Bowman stresses the importance of developing emotional and social intelligence to remain grounded and productive in difficult situations.

She appeals to her audience of parents and youth by empathizing with their struggles and frustrations, detailing the neuroscience behind these emotional responses, and proposing strategies to subdue and overcome tension-filled confrontations. Bowman explores topics such as effective homeschooling, creative communication between children and their parents, and depression and burnout.

She introduces new concepts, like responding vs. reacting and emotion contagion, and she emphasizes the effectiveness of self-awareness and self-reflection.
As with advancing social and emotional intelligence, it is also crucial to develop smart and secure financial habits during times of uncertainty. The second webinar features guest speaker Anne W. Gaitha, a global trade investment and business consulting expert with over twenty years of professional experience.

Gaitha is the Founder of the financial consulting firm,
Regal Africa Group, and she currently serves as the executive director of the Organization of Women in International Trade—Nairobi (OWIT). In this session, Gaitha explores ways in which adults can improve their financial literacy and management skills to maintain financial stability
during the lockdown simply with investment proceeds.

She speaks to the beginner investor—of a family, business, or corporation—not simply by correcting poor financial habits and listing action items, but by introducing a new finance-oriented mindset.

Gaitha highlights the wealth formula, clears common beginner misconceptions, and introduces the idea of sensible diversification across asset classes like real estate, fixed income, unit trusts, and alternative investments. She supports her presentation with simple graphs, charts, and formulas to help her
audience visualize the power of time on the growth of money. Of course, Gaitha also urges her audience to remind themselves—time and time again—of their underlying purpose and motivation for wealth.
To learn more about Brenda Bowman’s strategies to bring out one’s best self and the best self of others and Anne W. Gaitha’s formulas and resources for generating passive income and increasing one’s financial net worth—both in the context of the ongoing pandemic and its social distancing rules—click on the YouTube links below to watch the webinars:
Lockdown! How to bring your best self to a difficult situation (Second Junior Membership
Program webinar)

Speaker: Brenda Bowman
Moderator: Jackie Ogonji

How to Grow and Manage your Wealth during the COVID-19 Crisis
Speaker: Anne W. Gaitha
Moderator: Jackie Ogonji

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