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What Boards Should be Talking About Now!

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1st May 2020.

Article written by Carol Chen,

At the helm of most companies is a Board whose responsibility is to provide leadership in bothprosperous times and in challenging conditions such as today.

The role of the Board includes guidingand giving direction to the management in planning its activities, organizing and executing the plans,staffing, directing, coordinating and controlling human efforts to achieve objectives of the Company.Perilous times do not remove or reduce these responsibilities.

On the contrary, they should showthat they are made of ‘stunner stuff’ and live to tell the story of their steadfastness when pandemicshit their Company. What should companies do? What should be their focus?

How do they navigate their companies using the following key elements of good corporate governance? i.e.

1. Commitment to Good Corporate Governance

2. Transparency and Disclosure

3. Shareholders

4. Stakeholder Interaction

5. Internal controls 

WOBN hosted a Board Talk webinar on 1 st May 2020. The Speakers were Corporate Governance practitioners who included her founders and Board members who gave insights on the key elements of corporate governance.

Click here to view the webinar recording YouTube Link: 

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