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Wholesome Wellness during a Crisis

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During these uncertain times, the Women on Boards Network has been hosting a series of Wellness Webinars. The objective of the wellness webinars is to give our members tips on how to thrive through the pandemic.

The first wellness webinar was on Wholesome Wellness with Dr. Joe Omollo, a renowned Psychologist, as the speaker.

In his presentation, Dr. Omollo explained that COVID-19 manifested largely a psychological problem before it is categorized as a medical problem. This is because when circumstances beyond our control force us to remain contained in our houses leaving us with minimal choice, it becomes a huge problem. A lot of conflicts and challenges were being witnessed at a time when most people were confined in their homes. As human beings, we are used to be in charge. It’s in our nature to be in control of things but with the new pandemic situation in the world, we are put to test.

Most of us begin to lose our grip of normalcy hence affecting how we operate during the quarantine season. How do we know we are losing it?

  • When your sleeping pattern changes. (Either sleep too much or having less sleep)
  • Loss or increase of appetite.
  • Mood changes. (Panics or mood swings characterized by irritability, anger, and outbursts)

This could also explain the rising number of domestic violence.

To achieve wholesome wellness, one must manage the fear system by staying away from situations that may trigger anxiety. Situations such as fake news that are fear-provoking. Find sources that provide accurate news on what’s happening in the pandemic world.

Also, take care of:

  • Your body. Eat well, exercise, and meditate.
  • Your mind. By being selective of what you consume. Find peaceful and relaxing content for your mental health. Things such as good music, interactive games, good sunshine, and good books.
  • Your surroundings. Make your surrounding comfortable and lively, even for others.

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